Oct 072019
May 2019: The last part of the project, was to do the chinking and daubing. The mixture used was based on recommendations from Texas Historical Commission, and the work performed by a man recommended by Bosque Museum.
Seen from North-East.
Close-up of the result.
Seen from South-West.
Oct 072019
December 2018: A new door was made by cedar panels. The old hinges were re-used, and an old lock was brought from Norway.
Oct 072019
May/June 2018: Installation of cedar rafters.
Cedar panels for supporting the shakes.
The gables were built by small cedar logs. This is more authentic than the vertical panels.
Gable at the front.
Cedar shakes in place. Now the roof was finished.
Seen from North.
Oct 072019
April/May 2018: One of the logs had been damaged due to a water leak, and needed to be replaced.
Here is the log removed from the cabin, and a new log is being prepared.
Here the new log is installed. In addition limestones were laid under the cabin.
The rocks under the rest of the cabin.
Oct 072019
April 2018: The first step, was to remove the added shed, to get access to the log walls, and the roof on the cabin.
Oct 072019
2017: The log cabin had been modified during the years. When we started on the restoration work, it had an added shed, steel roof, and parts of the walls were covered with cedar panels. This had kept the logs in a quite good condition.
The door was not original, and the condition was poor. The gables were covered with vertical cedar panels.
The North side of the added shed was covered with steel plates.