Jul 102014

New flagpoles at CP Farm

We have had a wonderful time in Texas this summer and ,once more, a lot of things are going on.

This time we started in Duluth, Minnesota, where Thomas held a keynote presentation, and a cultural presentation at the Sons of Norway District 1 Convention. This was a good opportunity to tell more than 300 delegates, representing 10 states in the mid-West, about all the exciting things that happen in Norse and Bosque County.

At the CP Farm several activities are ongoing, and of those most visible this time we can mention:

Now we have installed 2 flagpoles, and raised the Tysvær and Texas flags on them.

Archeologists from Texas Historical Commission

Archeologists from Texas Historical Commission

Archeologists from Texas Historical Commission have come two times to the property to survey and to document buildings and artifacts.

We have now received a cost estimate to build a smoke house. Before we start to build this, we must remove an old shed which is in poor condition.

In the red barn, one of the walls has been covered with plywood, and further work will be done with this in the future.



Interior red barn

Interior in the red barn

This web page has been finalized.

The information boards for the property are printed, but some work remains on the construction of the frames. They will be installed in the near future.

This time we have met a lot of our friends here, and in addition we have met a lot of new, wonderful people. We really enjoy our visits here in Bosque, and look forward to our next visit.